Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday, December 26, 2008

Visit with Santa

Carter and I got to visit with Santa on Christmas eve, and although I was very excited to see him, I wasn't so thrilled once I got to meet him. It turned out he was a pretty cool dude though and he did bring me what I asked for..."lights" (I am fascinated with Christmas lights) and a "hule loop" (hula hoop)!
Christmas day was very fun and I'll get Mommy to post some more soon! Somehow we both made it onto Santa's good list because we got oodles of fun toys, clothes, and hugs!
Mommy and Daddy took us to see more "lights" tonight at the Hine Drive Lightfest, and Carter and I both fell asleep before we drove through! Oops!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Daddy graduated!!!

Yea! Daddy is done with school! Today he graduated with his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan - Dearborn. Mommy says that he is now a "Master Nerd," and Daddy says that he is now as smart as Mommy. Mommy just laughs. But she will admit that anyone who can successfully solve an eight-page math problem must be pretty smart!

So, we are all VERY proud of Daddy because we know that he worked really hard to complete this degree! Congratulations Daddy!

Carter just wanted to play with Daddy's tassel. And I just wanted to run around the Fieldhouse floor in my pretty little dress!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a month!

Well, for any of you who know us well, you know that we had a challenging month of October in our family which is why we haven't updated our blog much. But October is behind us, November is here and we are all safe and getting healthy now.

Because I feel so fortunate for the health of our family, I do want to share another blog with all of you and ask you if you have an extra prayer in your heart, or positive vibe you can send this family, it would be greatly appreciated.

Mattie's dad, Duane, is a good friend of mine from high school. They have had an amazing struggle this past year, but have been surrounded by wonderful people and some of the best medical care in the country.

Mattie's blog

We are all blessed....Kris

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My first bike!

This was a weekend of firsts, as we also bought my first bike (tricycle) this weekend! It is bright red and Mommy and Daddy said that they both had bikes like this when they were growing up. I can go really, really fast!

Which of course is why they bought me a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. But aren't I still cute?!!! Daddy thinks I'm going to be sore tomorrow because I rode around the block three times, and up and down the driveway 20 times. I think he is going to be sore from trying to keep up with me!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My first pony ride!

Finally, I got to go on my first pony ride...and I loved it! My pony's name was Joey and I got to ride him at Maybury State Park. They have a riding stable there and also give pony rides around the corral. I can't wait until I can ride again! Daddy....when can I get my own pony? I wasn't scared of the horses at all. I want to be a cowgirl! Daddy said I was a natural, so it must be genetic.

Carter is crying in this video because he was upset that he couldn't ride the ponies yet. He's just a baby...I'm a big girl! A big cowgirl!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer time treats!

Just a few pictures of some fun times this summer!

My first Coca-cola. (And no, I didn't drink the whole bottle. But I wanted to!)

I LOVE corn on the cob! Notice that this is my third piece of corn - Yummy!!! Notice Carter looking at me in awe.

Do summer days get any better than running through the sprinkler? After playing in the sprinkler, we all sat on the front porch and ate popsicles. This had to be one of my favorite moments of this summer.